Other Services

Our Consulting service provides a wide range of advisory services for the Middle East markets.We are your point of contact for all aspects of doing business in Middle East countries. We provide independent, objective analysis and strategic advice.

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence service provides you with detailed information about the competitive climate of the markets you wish to do business in. This service includes identifying major market players and their market shares, researching trends and changes in the market structure, and understanding your competitive strengths and potential barriers to market entry.

Market study
The purpose of a market entry feasibility study is to verify whether it makes sense to target Middle Eastern markets. Our ultimate goal is to support you in maximizing your return on investment and take informed, effective decisions about your expansion into new markets.

Sourcing is a complex process that requires a comprehensive analysis of a company’s cost base and identification of areas where cost optimization activities will provide the greatest benefit. The purpose of this study is to save our clients time and money by providing an informed, objective assessment of their chances of succeeding in a given market.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Merger and Acquisition services are aimed at companies who have already decided to enter or expand into the Middle East regions by taking over existing business, or those who are considering acquisition and need support in verifying and executing their plans. We also help those companies looking to secure financial or strategic investment.

Business forecasting
Using business forecasts, prepared by us together with comments concerning the risks associated with various market trends affecting those forecasts, our clients gain a powerful tool supporting them to accurately plan their actions, taking into account various perspectives.

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